Navigating Divorce And Your Finances

Your life is changing in ways you never imagined and the overwhelm
of what your financial future holds as a divorcee is hard to fathom.

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Navigating separation and divorce and your finances

There’s so much happening all around you and you feel lost and uncertain about what the next move to take is. You’re looking at all the paperwork your Lawyer is sending you.

There are so many questions.

You worry about where you’re going to live, whether the kids need to change schools, if you’ll ever have a holiday again.

All you can think of is the monumental change coming your way. You thought you were someone and now that’s threatened. You’re emotionally drained and everyone weighs in on what you should be doing. Everything takes money.

I don’t know what to do now…

Will I have enough money?

What do I even want to do with the rest of my life now anyway?

You’re caught between the emotional turmoil and financial reality.

You want to move forward but feel stuck under the mountain of indecision. You want to maintain the lifestyle you have been living and worked hard for. You used to have a sounding board to work through financial decisions and now you’re unsure who to trust. You want financial independence, but how do you achieve that?

There’s what’s right and wrong legally, what’s fair based on my entitlement, what’s fair for both parties so we can move forward?

I don’t want to be looking back and wondering where it all went!

All of the decisions, options and choices are playing on your mind. It’s getting in the way of you being able to move forward and feels too hard to deal with, yet you know it’s critical.

Regretting the financial decisions you may be feeling forced to make isn’t going to make anything easier. You want options for the future. You want to know there is hope when all you feel is hopeless. You want someone to guide you through and to tell you what’s best for you.

Be assured that the combination of emotional and financial upheaval creating an environment of uncertainty and you establishing yourself in a new normal that will give you choices in the future is possible.

We hear a lot of myths from the people about the role financial advisors play in supporting you when you’re going through the divorce process.

“There’s no point seeking help till I get my settlement”

You should want to know what your life is going to be like when you accept the settlement you’ve been offered. Once you’ve accepted there’s no going back. By seeking advice before accepting anything you position yourself to understand its impact You’re empowering yourself to make better decisions for your own future. You’re giving yourself more options and you’ll benefit from our decades of experience guiding people in your shoes. We’ve explored options you may never consider and will provide you with a more complete picture about the future and it’s possibilities.

“I need to know what my future holds before I get advice”

The reality is, you’re life is in a state of upheaval and you’re uncertainty is so overwhelming. It comes in waves and sometimes is so intense it cripples you. It’s difficult to find clarity when you’re clouded by the emotional state you realistically find yourself in. We’ll take a lot of the stress out of the decision making by supporting you to understand what’s possible. Making informed decisions will lead you to better outcomes for you and your children.

“Aren’t Financial Planners only there to help you with investments and how to set yourself up for retirement?”

The Monument Advisory team is not like regular Financial Advisors and we are completely proud of that. Taking a holistic view of your financial situation gives you an opportunity to understand the whole picture. We take things beyond the obvious things most people know about what financial planning entails. We work exclusively for you and we’re not afraid to ask the tough questions, so you can move towards the best outcome for your situation. It’s not all about investments or retirement planning. Your financial future starts now.

So when is the right time to get help?

If you’re uncertain about your financial future at any time, then that is the right time. Typically we see people at one of three stages of the divorce process.

1. During pre negotiation

When you’re determining your future settlement with your Lawyer is an ideal time to understand what your financial position actually is. Taking a stocktake of your marital asset pool as early as possible assists you with negotiations and positioning yourself to receive the settlement you deserve and need

2. At the time the offer has been made to you as part of the settlement

Understanding what the dollar figure actually means for you is critical. We’ll translate what it means for you and your children for the short term through to the long term. We’ll assist you to align your understanding to the reality you face and provide guidance that brings you clarity and greater confidence to move forward

3. After you have received your divorce settlement

Faced with a new financial reality, you want to maximise its value, and yet you still don’t know what to do next. We’ll provide you with the support needed to achieve the best future possible, based on what you have received as part of your divorce

Let us hold the vision for your future, even if you can’t. The Monument Advisory team takes a big picture perspective for you when putting one step in front of the other seems impossible.

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The Monument Advisory Philosophy

We believe no two client situations are the same, so they should not be treated the same. As a team, we fundamentally believe the best financial advice can only be developed, when anchored to a true understanding of the outcomes our valued clients are looking to achieve, for themselves and those closest to them.

In a world of readily available information and well-meaning opinion, financial uncertainty remains at the forefront of the worry many people experience, no matter what time of life they are in. Now, more than ever, people struggle to determine what information is relevant and beneficial to them, and what is irrelevant or even harmful. Successfully applying only what is relevant to your unique circumstances, is what truly matters most.

We talk about the “process” as walking the path. Our commitment to you is to ensure you never feel alone on the path to where you’re headed, giving you less financial surprises, less financial regrets and less financial stress. This means you can take action with confidence you are making decisions that increase the certainty of achieving and experiencing what is most important to you.

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