Retire From Your Business With A Wealth Strategy

Retire From Your Business With A Wealth Strategy

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Something that might have started as an idea across the kitchen table has grown into a business that has left you responsible for more people than you ever imagined. There are many people relying on you for their fortnightly pay. In all reality you’re feeding more mouths than those of your family.

Your trusted customers have become friends and you wonder what might happen when you retire. You want your business to live beyond your working life but working out how to make that a reality has baffled you both.

You know your business has incredible potential but you’re not sure you have what it takes to give it the last final burst before you pass it on.

  • Should we sell?
  • How much could we sell for?
  • Does it go to the family?
  • What else could we do?
  • How much do we need for our future if we sell?

You’ve spent years building a business and feel like it might be time for the next stage in your life

Rewards for the sacrifice!

Plenty of blood, sweat and tears have been thrown into your business. You’ve acquired and applied unique skills and worked long hours to get where you are. There’s pressure from all sides to take the accelerator off and yet how do you actually do that?

How do you go from picking up brochures of dream holidays at the travel expo to being on one of those holidays?

How do you redirect the drive that propelled your business to success into spending time together, travelling, enjoying the grandkids, giving back and helping others? You’re ready to enjoy the rewards for all the sacrifice you’ve both made.

It’s time to take the action you haven’t had time to take

If you leave it up to you, you know it probably won’t ever happen. You haven’t built a successful business by accident. Melding your business and personal financial decisions, while it might seem easy enough to do, hasn’t been as easy as you thought. It takes time and you have complexity in the makeup of your assets that adds confusion and clouds the path forward.

Taking precious time out of your business and dedicating that to your future sounds great in theory, but you question how to make this happen. You’ve built wealth through your business, acquired assets and have savings but not necessarily a strategy and plan to maximise this.

Finding the right support is as simple as understanding that the Monument Boardroom now becomes the family boardroom; a place to receive the support of a trusted sounding board team, to understand the bigger picture of the decisions you are considering, to benefit from having a fresh set of eyes look over the options, and somewhere to be challenged to ensure you’ve left no stone unturned. You don’t want surprises, so the Monument Advisory, no surprises approach provides added reassurance and confidence for your future.

With the aging demographic a reality right now, there is going to be no shortage of businesses for sale in the future. Relying on an exit strategy of simply selling your business isn’t a smart strategy. You haven’t worked this hard for nothing!

It takes effort and sacrifice to build a successful business. When it’s time to step away from the business you have spent a lifetime building the team at Monument Advisory can help so you can enjoy the rewards you have worked hard for. With the Monument Boardroom becoming the family boardroom, we work alongside you, whilst applying The Monument Approach:

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Future Visioning

The term successful exit is as unique as the intricacies of the business you have built. As the first step, we provide you with the time and space to sit down, understand and document the outcomes you are working toward for yourself and those closest to you, your true definition of a successful exit.

We do this because the right financial decisions depend on the outcomes you’re actually looking to experience. Think of it like this, it’s impossible to use your GPS without the coordinates of the destination you want to get to. Future visioning provides destination clarity.

Reality Check

With a clear understanding of the outcomes required it’s time for the reality check. Commencing with a stock take of your financial assets its time to determine what is required to achieve the outcomes versus the current financial capacity to do so. We use our skills and experience to work through the options and potential paths with you so you can confidently move forward.

Inherently most individual outcomes are possible, it is, however, the trade-offs between various outcomes that sometimes prove unacceptable. If you envisage life away from your business, the puzzle is in seeing how all your financial puzzle pieces fit together. We explore and understand the reality of that at this step so the future actions you take are aligned with the future vision you have.


With the future vision as the focus and the reality check providing a direction moving forward it’s time to act on your personalised Implementation Strategy. We’ll look at everything from immediate priorities like building wealth outside the business, the best steps to take for you and your business right now, through to pursuing a successful sale.

The Monument Advisory team act as financial project managers for our clients, keeping a close eye on the end outcomes you want. We minimise the inevitable distraction that transitioning out of a business can cause. The added benefit comes with access to our valued network, also focused on your success.

Let us share our combined 25+ years of experience supporting people like you provide the reassurance you’ve been looking for that the kind of retirement you really want is possible.

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The Monument Advisory Philosophy

We believe no two client situations are the same, so they should not be treated the same. As a team, we fundamentally believe the best financial advice can only be developed, when anchored to a true understanding of the outcomes our valued clients are looking to achieve, for themselves and those closest to them.

In a world of readily available information and well-meaning opinion, financial uncertainty remains at the forefront of the worry many people experience, no matter what time of life they are in. Now, more than ever, people struggle to determine what information is relevant and beneficial to them, and what is irrelevant or even harmful. Successfully applying only what is relevant to your unique circumstances, is what truly matters most.

We talk about the “process” as walking the path. Our commitment to you is to ensure you never feel alone on the path to where you’re headed, giving you less financial surprises, less financial regrets and less financial stress. This means you can take action with confidence you are making decisions that increase the certainty of achieving and experiencing what is most important to you.