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Why Just A Financial Plan Is Worthless

Business Owners Retirement Monument Advisory Perth | Financial Advice

Why Just A Financial Plan Is Worthless

And How Monument Advisory Are Different

Yes, you read that right. We believe a financial plan is worthless. Why?

Well, it’s like this: You don’t go to the airport, and buy a ticket from the airline, who then gives you a flight plan, then go home and put it in your draw and say “Wow, that was a great flight plan. I feel really refreshed from holiday”.

You have to actually get on the plane to arrive at your chosen destination, and get value from the ticket you bought.

The same is true of a financial plan. A “financial plan” is just ink on a page. No matter how clever the strategy, the plan itself is of zero value.

So what is of value?

It is only when you actually implement the strategies that are within the plan, that you get value. In other words, the only value you get is what you implement.

For this reason a big focus for us in our relationships with clients like you is to ensure you understand what it is you need to do. We also work to ensure you are comfortable with the strategy, and that you understand WHY you are doing what’s been planned.

You understand you are doing these sometimes difficult things, because it gives you the best chance of achieving the goals most important to you for yourself and those you care about the most. By doing it this way, you give yourself the best chance of actually sticking to the plan and that increases the potential for you to experience success.

There is no magic bullet

  • There is no magic bullet that will solve all your financial problems. It just doesn’t exist. Never has and never will
  • Having said this though, there’s plenty of people out there trying to sell the magic bullet, and scarily, there’s plenty of people out there that are wanting to buy it and believing it’s real and possible
  • But it’s a fallacy – you may as well go to the casino and put it all on black, as at least in that case you know what your odds of getting a return are
  • If you’re looking for the magic investment that will solve all your problems without you having to lift a finger, we are not the right firm for you

So what’s our philosophy at Monument Advisory on how to create a clear path forward for you, our clients?

  • We adopt a ‘no surprises’ approach which means we make it our business to keep you informed and understanding everything at all times
  • We believe the best, most achievable plans are realistic, precise and systematic giving you confidence that working with us will be a practical and worthwhile experience
  • We fundamentally believe the best financial advice can only be developed, when anchored to a true understanding of the outcomes you are looking to achieve, for yourself and those closest to
  • And we focus our skills, experience, time and energies on removing financial uncertainty, worry and indecision from your lives, so you can continually move forward, with greater focus, confidence and the guidance that’s right for you

Seeking financial advice? We would love to hear from you.

Read more about our services here or feel free to contact a member of the Monument Advisory team here.

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